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Bio Tower Packing

Bio Tower Packing

  • Used in ETP, degasser towers and trickling filters.
  • Manufactured out of various grades of plastic, metal and ceramic.
  • Ranges in various sizes and types.
  • Manufactured to customized requirements.
  • Bio tower packing is designed in such a way as to give more surface area for bacteria to grow on its surface. It also & aids in effective treatment of water / effluent.
  • In olden days, pebbles were used in water treatment. But pebbles make the water treatment plant very heavy. So the plastic bio tower packing gives more surface area at much lesser weight making the plant much lighter & more economical in cost to manufacture.

VP Engineers offers bio tower packing in different shapes & sizes. With our in-house tool room facilities & experience in developing tools for different shapes & sizes of components, we can develop & supply bio tower packing in any shape & size. We can also support the client with required datasheets on each design.

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