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Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Cooling Tower Plastic

VP Engineers has been manufacturing nozzles for cooling towers for the last 20 years. We have evolved according to the with different designs needed by the industry and we manufacture nozzles according to the customers’ needs.

Cooling tower, a heat exchanging equipment, receives hot water from the surface condenser, which needs to be cooled & recycled back to the condenser for the continuous cycle. In a power plant, or in any steam producing stations, production efficiency depends on the condensation of steam & recycling. The surface condenser plays an important part in this cycle.The effectiveness of the condenser depends on the temperature of the cooling water.

Cooling water can be effectively cooled only if it is properly distributed in to fine particles. The spray nozzle may be, the cheapest in value of the cooling tower parts, but it plays a critical role in deciding the efficiency & size of the cooling tower.

VPE is not just a nozzle manufacturer, we also simulate the performance of the cooling tower nozzles in our works with our nozzle flow testing facility to analyse every contour in the design of the nozzle. We have successfully supported many of our OEM-cooling tower manufacturing customers in reducing the size of the cooling tower thereby reducing the cost of the cooling tower by efficiently utilizing the space available beneath the Nozzle for cooling application. The space to be provided between each nozzle & the wet surface area available over the packing fill depends on the nozzle.

VPE manufactures nozzles of different shapes & in different orifice sizes for achieving flow characteristics. Every nozzle has different levels of spread zones to split the water in to droplets. Size of the droplets are also very important as very too small droplets may get carried away by the cooling air & heavy film formation may act as a hindrance to the flow path of the cooling air. Within these two extremes, nozzles are designed by the designer & supplied according to the client needs.

Atomizing Spray Nozzles Metal

Atomizing spray nozzles are made of brass, SS, etc.

  • Used for humidification, air automisation, paper cutting, etc.
  • Manufactured out of various types and grades of metals.
  • Range with various orifices, thread fittings, spray and spread.
  • Manufactured to customized requirements.

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