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BIDI Pig / Disc Pig

Bidirectional Pig/Disc Pig


  • Can be moved easily in both directions.
  • It is meant & designed to clean a newly erected pipeline before commission.
  • It is specially designed to travel to a max distance without losing sealing with an eye on safety of the newly laid pipeline.
  • The pigs can easily negotiate travel pipes of different diameters without losing their sealing ability.
  • The discs of the pigs are designed to ensure sealing ability thought-out its running length in both directions.
  • We offer BIDI pigs of sizes varying from 3” – 72” of different pipe schedule.


  • These pigs are supplied with brush assembly of both metal & nylon bristles.
  • In case of pipelines with heavy wax/deposit on the inner side, these pigs with bristles are used to remove them.
  • The circular wire brushes are either fitted at the front portion of the pigs or at the middle of the pigs.
  • Spring loaded brushes are fitted on the circumference of the steel mandrel to effectively cover 360 degrees of the pipeline.

Bi-Di Magnetic Pig

  • The steel mandrel pigs are fitted with permanent ferro magnet along the circumference of the mandrel to attract loose metal particles even in dust form, or any metal objects like nails , that are commonly found in pipelines.
  • The number of magnets & their spacing depend on the running length of pigging and types of particles normally found inside the pipeline. These are preferably cleaned after every run to ensure cleanliness during subsequent run.

Bi-Di Gauge Pig

  • The gauging pigs are fitted with aluminium gauge plates. These pigs are used mainly during commissioning of new pipelines to evaluate the circularity of the pipeline, for any welding penetration, etc.
  • When the pigs are received after a successful run, the condition of the aluminium gauge plate will reveal the condition of the inner side of the pipeline.
  • The damage caused to the aluminium gauge plate is an indication of the pipeline condition.

Bi-Di Dual Module Pig